Department of Statistics and Data Science holds 2021 Spring Festival series events

The winter break of Spring Festival is usually time of the year for faculty, staff and students to reunite with family and enjoy themselves. However, this year due to the regulations on prevention and control of COVID-19, many of them chose to stay in Shenzhen during the holiday.

The Department of Statistics and Data Science (the Department of STAT-DS) echoed the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)’s initiative on providing warm solicitude to those who stayed Shenzhen, held a series of Spring Festival events. More than 30 faculty members and students attended.

On the morning of February 7, the “Think and Learn” seminar was held in Block 8 of Innovation Park. Prof. Qi-Man Shao, Head of the Department of STAT-DS, attended the seminar via video link. Prof. Guoliang Tian, the Associate Chair, hosted this seminar.

Prof. Qi-Man Shao attended via video link

Prof.Qi-Man Shao delivered his new year wishes and gratitude to all attendees, and invited faculty members to share their experience and thoughts on work, research and life experiences, together to advise students on planning their academic and career paths.

One of the students expressed his concern on his dilemma of whether to take a job or further his education; some showed their expectation about having more opportunities to exchange abroad and hopes for better financial support from the university and the department. Prof. Jianqing Shi shared his point of view combining his own son’s similar experience on choosing future career. Prof. Cong Xu also gave her advice by sharing her story about the changes from working in industry to working in university.

Faculty members and students exchanging ideas in the seminar


Prof. Qi-Man Shao, suggested that the university and the department both encourage students to engage in domestic and international academic exchange, by attending university’s global exchange programs, as well as submitting papers for international conferences for financial support. Despite the fact that due to the pandemic, it has been more difficult to physically exchange abroad, there are still many options online to broaden one’s horizons. Counselor Xiangdong Chen also showed his concern and caring for students’ study and life. The seminar lasted for more than an hour and was productive and joyful.

Group photo of the seminar


In the afternoon, faculty members and students went to the archery academy for team building and better bonding. The activity was guided and supervised by the coach of SUSTech’s archery association. 

Experiencing Archery

Guided by professional coach

Star student with an almost perfect record

With the help and guidance of the coach, faculty members and students were able to pick up the skill very quickly and had a great time exploring this new sport. While we try to relax and take some time off during the holidays, it is also very important to include proper physical exercise for our health.

Group photo of Archery activity


The last but not least was the reunion new year dinner. Faculty members and students sat together and talked freely about work and life. During the dinner, faculty members and students played the “pass the parcel” game, those who won the prize gave performance of singing and dancing.

“pass the parcel” game made the highlight of the reunion dinner


The time of joy flies, but the sincere wishes will last. The Department of STAT-DS wishes all faculty members and students a productive and joyful year of the Ox ahead, and may all of those who chose to stay at the  university have the best “staycation” just like at home.




Correspondent: Qiu Yafang,Li Lan