Undergraduate Programs

BSc Program in Statistics

The BSc program in Statistics provides students with a solid foundation in mathematics and statistics, and essential knowledge for data collection, data modelling and data analysis. It prepares students for graduate studies in statistics and related areas. Students with a BSc degree in Statistics can also find job opportunities doing data management, data mining and data analysis in government agencies and private industries.

BSc Program in Data Science and Big Data Technology

Students with a BSc degree in Data Science and Big Data Technology will have both theoretical and practical knowledge for working with a wide variety of data, especially Big Data. This program combines statistical theory and computing technology to enhance students’ ability to analyze Big Data. Students will learn data management, data system development, analysis of big data, and acquire practical skills in solving various problems in big data analysis. Students will develop the ability of combining subject area knowledge with computing technology and big data technology to create solutions to challenging problems in research and industrial applications