Research Areas

Mathematical Statistics

Faculty:SHAO Qiman, CHEN Xin, JIANG Xuejun, LI Zeng

Research topics:
Asymptotic theory in probability and statistics, High dimensional statistical analysis, Random matrix theory, Time series analysis, Quantile regression analysis, High dimension data analysis and dimension reduction, Bayesian analysis and its application

Biostatistics and Medical Statistics

Faculty:TIAN Guoliang, SHI Jianqing, JIAO Xiyun, XU Cong

Research topics:
Biostatistics, Medical statistics, Clinical trial, Multiple comparisons, Adaptive design

Financial Statistics, Application Statistics

Faculty:JING Bingyi, JIANG Xuejun

Research topics:
Financial statistics, Statistics in financial econometrics, Application statistics

Data Science

Faculty:YANG Lili, HU Yanqing, CHEN Guanhua, MA Yifang, WANG Chao, WEI Hongxin, YANG Peng, XU Cong

Research topics:
Big data analysis, Decision science, Multi-objective optimization, Emergency model building, Energy relationship analysis, Science of Science, Network Science, Data Visualization, Precision Medicine, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Multimodal AI, Medical NLP