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Name:Ms. Zhou


Positions of Postdocs of Dr. Lili Yang

About the team:

Dr. Lili Yang is a professor in Statistics and Data science Department at Southern University of Science and Technology. Her research team has a strong track record in the research areas of big data analysis, decision science, multi-objective optimization, emergency model building, energy relationship analysis. The research team consists of more than 10 members including professors, PhD students, master students and research assistants, some of whom have oversea study or work experience. The office is located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen which is close to the Shenzhen North station. The team is currently undertaken a number of national funded projects. Applications are invited for 2 postdocs.   


Essential requirements:

1.A PhD or equivalent in computer science, statistics, mathematics or public safety management or a closely related discipline. Candidates should be under the age of 35 and obtain their PhD within 3 years.  

2.More than 2 publications in top conferences or journals in related research areas within the recent 5 years.

3.Capabilities of carrying out independent research in related areas. 


Duties and responsibilities:

1.Undertaking research in areas including decision making, model building, risk assessment, and big data enabled emergency platform design and development.

2.Participating in other relevant projects of the research team.

3.Publishing papers in top conferences and journals.

4.Independently applying for research grants and supporting the long-term research plan of the research team. 

5.Assisting in the grant application of the research team and undertaking relevant research tasks.

6.Supervising or assisting in supervising PhD students, master students etc. 

Job benefits:

1.A fix term contract for 2 years with a competitive salary of 330,000 CNY per annum (including 150,000 CNY province-level subsidy before tax and 60,000 CNY city-level subsidy after tax). Candidates may also apply for the chancellor’s award for outstanding postdocs, with a salary of more than 400,000 CNY per annum.   

2.The successful candidates will receive the benefits including subsidy for meals, hot weather, festivals, free body check and other benefits required by the law. 

3.Postdocs could apply for Shenzhen hukou. After obtaining the Shenzhen hukou, qualified candidates may apply for a housing and living subsidy of 30,000 CNY (tax-free).  

4.Postdocs will receive a subsidy of 25,000 CNY from the university for academic activities. 

5.Successful candidates will be able to apply as the principal investigator for grants from the postdoc science foundation, the national science foundation as well as the Guangdong province and Shenzhen city. 

6.Candidates graduated from the world top 200 foreign universities (according to the latest Times, USNEWS, QS and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Rankings) could apply for a living subsidy of 600,000 CNY from the Guangdong province. The successful candidates will receive a housing subsidy of 400,000 CNY after obtaining their postdoc certificates and signing a contract of more than 3 years with a company registered in Guangdong.  


To apply:

Please send the following information to with the email subject “postdoc-your name-your major”.

1.Resume (with a complete list of your publications).

2.The full manuscript of 2 representative publications. 

3.Other research outputs such as books, patents, etc.